Thursday, February 25, 2010

Justin and Jen Engagements, possibly shots for GQ, haha. beautiful couple fo sho

Justin and Jen are awesome! They are 2 good friends of mine and I am super excited about them allowing me to be a part of this whole process. We tried to have this shoot like 4 times and the dang snow and rain kept on coming!! We finally had a good day without rain, thank God, and we went for it. They are getting married so soon! March 20th is their date and it's going to be such a killer wedding. They both are such incredible people with much integrity and a love for people. Jen is a nurse, and Justin owns his own pressure washing business and are both very good at what they do. God has got a hold of them and things are awesome!! I am so excited for their marriage and the incredible things that will come of it.

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Candice said...

i would have to agree--it doesn't hurt that this couple is STUNNING! great work!

{Candice. The Beautiful Mess}