Saturday, August 30, 2008

This was the sister of one of my good friends that showed me around Kathmandu. She was precious and loved the camera. They lived in a cold little stone house in the fields. As I arrived at their house the first time, they wanted to treat me with something special to drink that wasn't water. They gave me sugar water! It was awesome, and I was almost brought to tears as I drank. They loved me so much and they didn't even know me. They were so excited to serve me. I need this attitude.

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Amy Hutchison said...

I just found your blog via craigslist (I tell ya, it's an endless web) and I think we must be friends.

About a year ago, I heard an amazing photographer/author by the name of David Johnson speak. I quickly adopted him as my best friend (seriously, he's now stuck) and he in turn convinced me to go to Africa and purchase my first SLR while I was at it. Seriously. Scary web. Anyway, you seem to have his heart in many ways, so I think you were destined to be adopted as my best friend as well. :-) Love your work. Now you can add another blog stalker to your list!