Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is by far my most prized photo. This man was incredible and I had the privilage of knowing him personally because he was our sherpa in the himilayans. He was a local witch doctor in the area and the Lord had a plan. I believe this man saw hope as he was with our team and I believe he recieved it.
We spent countless hours with him and he couldn't speak english. So we did what normal people would do when they can't communicate, stare at eachother and wander what the other is thinking, but eventually we had a translator and was able to conversate with him. He was a servant and a very loving man. He also could carry 2 50 pound packs on his back faster than we could carry one.

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Sallie Mosely said...

this is a fantasitc photo, seth. wow. this is my heart. to capture such soul and emotion - to let photography speak the heart of the Kingdom of God.